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Jessica Rabbit

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my job> your job [Jan. 8th, 2011|04:11 pm]
Jessica Rabbit
It's busy and complicated and all new and a lot to learn... but it is SOOOOO fucking fun!

In one day I have conference calls with vendors who want us to sell their products, help clients recover passwords to be able to review their 401k account online, plan meetings to pitch to new company's to take over their 401k management, deposit client's $ into the correct account, handle two speeding tickets and another lawsuit, meet with a grieving widow to help her get the family's investments (which are much higher than she thought!) transferred to her name, review estate documents with one client and prepare new documents for another client, explain the court process to a client in the middle of a law suit, write an asset purchase agreement, make sure my boss is up to date on his messages and phone calls, and prepare next month's good-will letter update to the clients.

I am immersed in every aspect of the company and am getting to know all the clients, vendors, people who send us referrals, etc etc. I love it. I am learning soooo much and working sooo hard (and it's only been 1 week).

I can't wait to get my insurance license and my series 7 license. Hopefully, by November 1, I will be an attorney, licensed to sell insurance (which I won't ever do, we just all have to be licensed), and licensed to advise clients on investments!

I am sooooo busy with studying for all these tests on top of working and learning the systems but it is GREAT!