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Jessica Rabbit

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2011 [Jan. 2nd, 2011|07:55 pm]
Jessica Rabbit
Well, 2010 was the biggest year yet... graduated, got married, and found a career.

2011 will be even better... I can feel it. (I think).

Tomorrow I start full-time at Symphony Financial Services. It is going to be challenging, fast-paced, and a big learning experience.... but the payoffs are going to be worth it. If things go well, this could be the last job I ever need. And, as much as I thought I'd never like this sort of thing, I am pretty excited to learn the financial services side of the business.

I don't have a lot of other new things to report other than that, though. The rest of life is just waiting for this job (and the salary) to pick up! I can't wait until February when I will have a little free cash to buy some new clothes for work. I currently own (that fits) only super casual clothes (jeans) and super nice clothes (suits). I have a very limited selection of normal work-day appropriate clothes. (WARNING: marrying a man who is a whiz in the kitchen means you will gain weight! ask for a workout equipment for your wedding gift!). This week I am going to try to dress-down some of my suits by wearing the skirts with nice sweaters instead of blouses and jackets. I just don't want to be stuck in a suit all day long if I don't have to be.

JOB ALERT: My firm is looking to hire a receptionist/administrative assistant. Pays pretty well (salary, benefits, paid time off). But, the person needs to be smart, able to work in a fast paced environment, thinks on their feet, and willing to learn different aspects of the office other than their own role. It's the type of place where if something needs done and the normal person is sick/out, everyone pitches in to help. Let me know if you want more information.

OH!! I forgot about the Bar...

So, my lawyer who is handling my appeal with the bar called me and said he got an interesting call from Columbus (the bar admissions office). They asked him if 10 a.m. on January 7th would be better "instead." He asked, instead of what? Apparently, they scheduled my appeal board hearing without ever notifying myself or my attorney -- how nice! So, luckily they called about a time change or we would never have heard about it. The plan now is to go to Columbus on the 7th (and miss a half if not full day of work my first fulltime week, boo!) and do the appeal hearing then. I have a somewhat good feeling that the hearing will go well - we have all of the backup sort of documents they will need to see. But, I have this strange feeling that because we did not get the necessary notice 6 weeks ago when they set this date (their fault--they have no record of sending it) that I will somehow get screwed. I am sure there was some extra money or form or something I should have had completed before then and now don't have. We shall see. The worst thing would be if they say "Okay, you are clear to take the bar in February but you have to re-pay the registration fees" and I have to scramble for $800ish. Ouch.

Another thing that could be kind of sucky about this timing... I don't know when they will give me the decision. They could decide to wait until the beginning of February when they make the decision for everyone about being able to take the bar (when i discovered I could not take the bar... three weeks out from the exam). That would mean that from Jan 7 until roughly four weeks later I would not know if I should be studying or waiting or what. If I KNOW I am going to be taking the bar, I would study a little each night and on the weekends. If I KNOW I am not going to take the bar, I will use that time to get my Series 7 License and worry about the July bar in March or April. But, now knowing will put me in a tough spot.

Well, here's hoping.

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almost... [Dec. 10th, 2010|10:28 pm]
Jessica Rabbit
well in a week from now i will get my paycheck from the job i quit last week. (i better!). and if it does not include the missing hours, then i am going to be pissed.

it's almost christmas. i am sooooo far behind on gifts (mostly because i'm waiting on the cash!). i am doing a cross-stitch design on an apron for my mother-in-law. it's a little cheesy but she loves that kind of thing. i am really behind on that too...and i'm working on the lettering, the most boring part... but at least i have lots of netflix to watch while working on it!

i am really at a loss for xmas gifts this year. matt and i don't have much money and i what money we will have doesn't arrive until thursday/friday the 16th/17th.

i am thinking of getting the sex in the city movies on DVD for my mom. i can get them used (i hope!). her and i used to watch the show together when it was still airing and she hasn't seen either movie yet. it's also not the kind of thing she would get for herself. matt and i are making my dad dinner and bringing over wine on christmas day. i might get him a book or something, too. but i really don't know what to give my new brother&sister in law and their kids... i barely know them and i hate when people give "filler" gifts when they don't know what else to get. (candles, bric-a-brac, things that just aren't personal). Le sigh... i just feel like this season turns into so much pressure and a time crunch to get gifts. i never am prepared for it!

training for the new job starts monday! i'm a little nervous about the snow storm they are calling for. i hope my hubby helps be get the car cleaned off. i don't want to be even 1 minute late for day 1.

alright. back to sewing!
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i quit that job [Dec. 4th, 2010|11:28 am]
Jessica Rabbit
Well, for the first time in my life, I completely walked out on a job with no notice.

This job was ridiculous. I took it because it would be easy. Mall jobs are easy and managing retail (when there's a good system in place) isn't too hard. Instead the owner of the company called me until midnight most nights. He never read the financial reports I prepared proving our store was not missing money even though he repeatedly accused us of missing money. He completely underpaid me. But the last straw was ... he shorted by time card 12 hours. When I discussed the error with him he said it had to by my fault and that once the pay period ends, if I didn't audit my time card, he couldn't help me.

That was enough. I cannot be undercompensated, over worked, treated like crap, AND not paid for my time. I told him right then I was quitting and I left my keys.

Felt pretty good actually.

So I am working this coming week part-time at my mom's office. Then starting 12/13 I am training part time until the end of the year for my new job! I start full-time Jan 3.

I will be the executive assistant to John Kim at Symphony Financial Services. The firm does financial consulting for individuals and closely held corporations. My boss, the founder and CEO, also has a JD and offers legal services for his clients (wills, occasional domestic work, criminal stuff) and he takes some criminal cases on a probono basis for certain cases. (Usually involving cops misbehaving, as he says).

So, I will be doing for him what most assistants do.... setting calendars, organizing travel schedules etc... but I will also be a paralegal/law clerk and help handle the research and prep for the legal work he does.

I am excited about this job & he is excited about me. The company is expanding and he sees my role as the hub of communication between the rest of the office and him. The company is also going to pay for me to get my insurance and securities licenses so I can help with some of the financial services work as well. And, he's going to help pay for me to take the bar in July as well.

Basically it will be a great experience, a chance to earn some other certificates while working. I will be delaying the bar until July but I will have a fulltime job so it should work out.

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i'm over christmas [Nov. 27th, 2010|11:37 am]
Jessica Rabbit
come buy tee shirts at my kiosk in summit mall.

that job is over dec. 31. thanks be to yahweh.

new job starts jan. 3. :) i'm holding off on posting details because some of it is a little sensitive and they are making some changes in the office i am moving to and i don't know how/when they are doing that.

but... it's a sweet gig. :)

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(no subject) [Nov. 8th, 2010|06:59 pm]
Jessica Rabbit
congrats to my friends who were sworn in today!

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by the way [Oct. 28th, 2010|11:12 pm]
Jessica Rabbit
(you'll know if this is for you).

believe me, everything you say gets around. do you really think you can say things all over the internet that people don't notice? and, if i am such a terrible person... why are you stalking my online persona?

really. time to grow up. how old are you?

really. time. to. move. on.

like an adult.

k. 'nuff said.
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the jesus and mary chain [Oct. 20th, 2010|01:41 pm]
Jessica Rabbit
[Current Location |the manor at N. Highland]
[music |JAMC]

that title doesn't mean anything - just the music my husband is playing right now.

oh yeah, i am married in case you didn't see that on facebook. :)

looks like i will be working in summit mall selling tee shirts later in november and through december. i am still doing freelance work/legal research and i am looking for a paralegal/legal secretary type job. or any other JD type work even if it's not law related.

i need to get back on track to taking the bar - the whole appeal process is completely secretive and weird. i have no clue what's going on and basically no one talks about it. i think i have to send in the updated forms (like what everyone else (and I) did on april 30) by november 1. that's another $350 i don't have and there's (AGAIN) no guarantee i'll be able to sit for the bar this february either.

no matter what, come january 1, i need to get a real big kid job. not just because i need to worry about student loans and other debts but also because this kind of gap in my resume is unacceptable.

the more i think about moving away, the more it seems like a waste to take the ohio bar anyways. ugh, i don't really know.

however, fUNemployment is, well, fun. matt and i just eat great food and shop at west point way to frequently for unemployed poor losers. we watch movies, hang out with my super cool roomies, and overall do whatever we want. who knows, maybe our wedding gifts will give us a few more comfortable weeks to figure out our next move. :)
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7 years of higher education [Oct. 7th, 2010|05:33 pm]
Jessica Rabbit
and i'm about to be working in the mall.

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jobs schmob [Oct. 2nd, 2010|06:19 pm]
Jessica Rabbit
[Current Location |The Manor at N. Highland]
[mood |more than Meh, less than YAH!]

ok, so i have applied to various legally type secretary things -- some of which i think may be scams. i have retooled my resume three times in the past three days. i have created various cover letters and cover letter templates. i applied the at collection agency for crying out loud. things are getting bad...

monday i am completing the "testing" at a temp service -- i guess proving i know how to turn on a computer and type a word document. it's not that it's demeaning or humiliating at all. i really don't mind jumping through those hoops because i know the agency only wants to place people that it can assure have the skills needed... they have a reputation, too. but, the thing is, i spent SEVEN years in school after high school. if "office team" doesn't believe i know how to create a word document or search using google then HOW am i going to convince a law firm or a potential client i have the skills to manage their money/freedom?

seems so odd that for a job as simple as answer a phone and typing a letter i need to spend two hours of "testing" before they even CONSIDER me for a position and yet, i almost had a job with a nationally-known defense firm that would have involved protecting clients and their millions of dollars or starting up an entire new practice group and changing the dynamics of a whole firm. and they never even saw if i was capable of making coffee or answering a phone!

so, yeah... the job search is tiring. but, i guess, what else would i do all day?

oh, a little sad... i think gallagher is getting his ride down to his permanent retirement home in the next two or three weeks. i think he will be pretty damn happy, but it's still a little sad for me. he will be far away. of course, i will have an excuse for a long weekend in north carolina at some point! i should totally look for a cute little bed and breakfast around there or something... that could be a cute once or twice a year trip -- a quaint countryside B&B and a visit with my horsey. Awwww.... :)

hmmm... other news?? maybe a big exciting announcement in the next 9 or 10 days. :) watch my internet updates -- probably facebook will be the first to know. ha, how silly! mostly i'm being coy and silly about it because i have the time right now.

OH! we have a fourth roommate at the Manor now. This house has been one of the best things about this year. it's older and has some issues (the land lord is fixing up the radiators on monday and we have had a few squirrels playing around in the walls that he's working on). but, it's so nicely located, so cheap, has lots of spirit... and the people! oh, wow... my roommates are absolutely the best people in the world. they are funny, laid back, and make me forget all my worries. we laugh and get silly about the dumbest things... doing the dishes, cleaning out the bathrooms, signing the fedex slips, etc. etc. etc. i am spending a lot of time at home because i don't have a job, and i seem to spend less money if i just don't leave the house! but, it's nice to be around great people. we aren't ever in each other's way really (the house is big and even though the bedrooms are close, we tend to stay in our own spaces most of the time). but, you better believe when someone comes across a funny you-tube video we are sharing it immediately.

and, of course, the BEST thing about my life right now is the new man! :) Matthew has been absolutely the greatest thing to happen to me... well, ever. he immediately broke down my defenses, he comforts me, he makes me laugh all the time, he knows what i am thinking before i say it. i know it seems silly and cliche, but we really just know each other inside and out. probably the only thing that is odd/wrong is that two totally random people (acquaintances of mine, but not close friends) have asked if we are related. ok, he has long blondish hair and light eyes (like mine), we are of similar build and we have german-like skin... so yeah, we look like we are both of german/irish decent... but, we ARE NOT SIBLINGS! though it creeped us both out when people said so! it might also be because we are of similar mannerisms and attitudes... kind of cynical with a sharp wit and what not.

totally found a great new sandwich! for you highland square dwellers/visitors -- if you head into zubs, give a try to the new falafel (the "borat"). it's a little pricey (6 bucks) but it's a huge serving on pita with hummus, pickles, and other yummies. and, unlike the usual falafel i've had (mostly from aladdin's around here) it is spicey! be prepared with some water or extra pita or a side of tater tots. but, it's quite delicious. it's a big serving, i usually only eat half and save the rest for a little snack later. try it!

hmm... this turned out to be a longer post than i intended... and stream of conscious, too. i should have timed myself so i could tell the office team people how fast i can type when i don't use correct punctuation or capitalization. :)

also, perhaps i will move when this lease is up (June) if i don't have any other job prospects. (and don't even get me STARTED on the stuff with the bar.. somehow that is still up in the air despite filing all my paperwork, so who knows!). where should i go? needs to be an area with fun and creativity and young professionals/artisty types but still have opportunities for someone with a JD and maybe someone with a license to practice in OH and/or willing to take another bar ....

Out west?
Peace Corps?

Love you all!
Be well.

9 days til that announcement...
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shower [Sep. 28th, 2010|01:31 pm]
Jessica Rabbit
pretty much a long shower can really make everything feel better. most things.

seems like the temp work is over.

most other things are just beginning.

but, yeah, job -- if anyone knows about one of those... really, i learn quickly, i'm quite smart, and i also look snazzy in a nice suit. :)
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