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studying for insurance exam - The Shorter Story [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Jessica Rabbit

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studying for insurance exam [Jan. 16th, 2011|12:50 pm]
Jessica Rabbit
So, I am studying for this insurance exam. It's basically easy - lots of vocab and most of the ethics issues are repeats of law school (don't cheat, don't lie, don't sign your client's name for them).

Anyways, the study materials cost about $120 (after shipping). These are materials ordered from for-profit education centers. They have to be state approved. Once you finish the self-study course, you take a proctored exam with the for-profit education center. Then you take the state sponsored exam.

Okay, these materials SUCK. They are clearly just hastily put together when the laws are tweaked each year. They are missing periods and commas. Words aren't capitalized at the beginning of sentences. Sometimes an article is missing. "When selling annuity to the client it is important client sign contract." That sentence could use more than 1 "the."

It's possible to study it - it's not like it's impossible to follow. It just pisses me off that I have to spend 120 bucks on this CRAP!

Anyways, I take the state licensing exam on January 31. Then it's time for a raise! Yay!

Then it's time study for the Series 7 ... which has even more convoluted rules on getting materials and registration. I think I have to be sponsored by my firm. I do know that I get discounts from our securities broker, so that's good.

Alright, back to studying. You know, after 19 years of schooling, this is getting really old. And, once this year is over and I am (fingers crossed) insurance licensed, securities licensed, and a licensed attorney. Of course, then I will have THREE professional licenses that require continued education. Damn!